More than just a fancy call.

More than just a fancy call.

Durable & affordable

Every Recall Designs call are made of various raw materials to maximise the sound quality of our products insuring an outstanding durability. During your Recalls Designs buying process, you will have to choose between noble wood, acrylic or delrin. Every single material has its own particularities, giving you a wide sound selections depending on your budget.

  • Wood


    This material is alive. It will create the most realistic and natural tone because it absorbs more sound than synthetic materials. Wood calls are perfect for the final approach or for clear days when birds are shy.

  • Acrylique


    This really hard synthetic product is offered in various colors. This neutral material does not absorb sound at all, giving you precise and loud tones. Ideal in almost every situation, acrylic calls are perfect for long distance call, windy days or when birds need a little push to be convinced.

  • Delrin


    Cheap, but extremely durable, it offers a nice alternative to expensive acrylic calls. Offering a sound quality between wood and acrylic, the delrin is an all around material that can be used in every hunting situations.

Unique Design & Realism